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Did you know that making the most of your cubic space can save you a lot of money? Mezzanine floors are an effective and long-term solution for buildings which need more space, and their list of applications is constantly expanding. Mezzanine flooring is a brilliant and effective solution without having to undergo a large construction project which will cost you a lot of money and can be very time-consuming.

Mezzanine flooring is lightweight and is highly versatile. It is also very affordable and can be constructed quickly which means you will see the benefits in no time. With mezzanine’s available quickly and at a cost that will suit you, why expand outwards when you could get so much more from your existing premises?



Mezzanine is great for expanding the sales area within your retail unit as they are seamlessly installed to complement your existing layout and can be adapted to any use, from storage to sales.

Retail business’ often have a lot of stock on site and mezzanine flooring can help expand storage space. With your excess stock moved into the unused space in the air, you will have much more floor space underneath to allow for a more attractive & varied display, and give customers room to browse.



For production floors, mezzanine’s can be a great way to get large, bulky, machinery out of the way. The weight/size can be incorporated into the design and features will be tailored, conforming to all Building Regulations, that enable the floor to hold the weight. 

If you are worried about your new mezzanine not fitting the design of your workspace, there is no need. At the briefing stage of the project, QA Workspace takes a holistic approach and consider all elements of your operational ‘work-flow’ to ensure that the mezzanine is positioned in the optimal location for productivity.



A mezzanine storage floor is a safe, raised area where you can store any items that you may have. Storing your stock on the mezzanine floor will free up more space at ground floor level for production/logistical/operational activity.

You can house anything on the mezzanine, from parts or machines that aren’t required very often for production, to frequently picked items – we can advise the best way to get them from ‘pick’ to ‘pack’ quickly even when they are stored at first-floor level or above.



If you have a warehouse with considerable height, have you considered a multi-tier mezzanine floor? As long as you have the height we can build your mezzanine over multiple levels, ensuring full usage of the ‘cube’ of your building.  



A mezzanine floor can be built to suit almost any commercial requirement or sector. If you require extra space in your workplace, and you want to make the most of where you already are, we will work closely with you to design the perfect mezzanine floor for you. Whether you are looking for extra space for your retail unit, a fresh new office space, a breakout area for your employees or some extra space on your production floor for some new machinery we can help!

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