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Here at QAnet, we are proud to offer independent, SEMA approved racking inspections services across the United Kingdom. QA’s SEMA approved racking inspectors will review your warehouse and then conclude their findings in a detailed, comprehensive damage report, which will identify any risk areas according to SEMA guidelines, which use an extremely simple traffic light system.

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A pallet racking collapse can not only be a very scary and disruptive incident, but it can also cause hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to stock. This could bring your business to a standstill for an indefinite amount of time, or in even worse events could seriously injure your staff. Our racking inspectors are well versed with latest pallet rack safety regulations and carry out proper pallet racking safety inspections by keeping all factors in mind.

The good news is, pallet rack collapses are easy to prevent, and usually only happen when pallet rack inspection services are not regularly performed or the system used is of a low standard. A pallet rack collapse can also occur if it is not maintained properly or if it is improperly installed.

Risk of Avoiding Pallet Rack Safety Inspections

Neglecting pallet rack safety inspections can lead to severe consequences. Pallet racking collapses are a genuine risk to a person’s life and presents multiple risks to the business itself. Some of the most common risks include;

  • Injury – Pallet racking collapses have caused countless staff injuries in the past and have resulted in death on some occasions. This is not an area businesses can afford to be lax in.
  • Stock Destruction – In the event of a rack collapse stock will almost certainly be damaged, if not destroyed completely, which could be devastating to a business both logistically and financially.
  • Fines – Under the Provision of Work Equipment Regulations, failure to follow pallet rack safety regulations could result in a large fine and even lead to HSE prosecution.
  • Long term reputation – If customers’ orders cannot be fulfilled, contracts could be lost, potential new partners may be put off, and local staff, which are often key to a business’s day to day running, may be wary of working for your business.

Why Choose QA as a Rack Inspection Company?

Be it Pallet racking inspection or warehouse rack safety inspections! It should be carried out by professional and experienced racking inspectors like QA. Below are the benefits of choosing QA as your rack inspection company;

  • All inspections are carried out in line with the SEMA regulations and will provide you with all of the information required for dealing with pallet rack safety.
  • As part of our rack inspection service provider, we also provide a detailed report using the simple traffic light system, making it a lot easier to prioritise any damage.
  • QA provides free quotations for any damages found in the rack inspections as part of your report which will simplify things for you further.
  • QA will let you know when your next rack inspection is due, which means you will never have to worry about remembering yourself.
  • The QA team is well-versed with all racking regulations in the UK and have all the skills and expertise required to handle ongoing maintenance and repairs on your racking system.
  • QA aims to provide the best rack inspection service for our customers and guarantee a full, stress-free inspection to provide safety to your staff and stock.

Benefits of SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors

Rack safety inspections are required under the Health & Safety Work Act (1974) and PUWER Guidelines. Pallet racking falls under the category of work equipment which must be maintained and inspected annually, however, if any damage is noticed before this, an inspection should be carried out immediately.

When you use a SEMA approved rack inspector, you can relax in the knowledge that your system is being kept to the high standards outlined by SEMA. For more information on SEMA, please visit the SEMA page on our website.


QA is a SEMA approved racking inspection company to provide industry-leading products and services which can ensure the best health and safety standards for any business in the United Kingdom.

QA carry out SEMA approved inspections on all makes of pallet racking. Your racking inspections include a detailed health report on your pallet racking which will be carried out with all the latest SEMA codes of practice. There will be a clarification of any damages and finally some recommendations on your warehouse’s operations in relation to storage.


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