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Your new office is in expert hands with QA Workspace. From floors and suspended ceilings right down to creating the right office environment, our dedicated team will walk you through the entire process, however big or small you want the job to be.


For those of you with a blank canvas and no idea where to start, QA Workspace will transform your empty space into a fully functioning office with minimal impact. We can incorporate details such as bespoke heating systems and specialist lighting to install exactly what you want, as well as what you need.


If you need us for a smaller project, we are equally well equipped. For advice on the right equipment for your workplace, partition design and installation and much more, you need look no further than QA Workspace.

A large or custom work space can do a lot for a company.  As office fit out experts in Bristol, QA knows only too well that no two offices and working floors are quite the same.  That’s why we strive to offer a bespoke, affordable office refurbishment service.  Are you in the process of hiring more staff?  Do you need to set up more PCs, systems, tools and services?  Maybe your office design no longer suits your needs.

Instead of buying a new office space outright, why not redesign your existing space?  Or, if you’ve bought an empty office unit and want to transform it to your advantage, make sure to speak with a leading workspace consultant in your area.


QA doesn’t just perform office fit out redesigns.  We work with companies and firms of all shapes and sizes.  If you’re looking for a low-cost industrial space design to help support your need for storage, for example, we’re here to help.  Our expert designers and architects will take the time to look at your existing work space and to consider how we can make it more efficient for you in the long run.

Your workplace design should grow with you.  To us, that means setting up flexible partitions, thinking open-plan, and making the most of vertical space.  There are no two right or wrong ways to transform a commercial space.  Trust QA to look carefully at your factory space or office design, and we will be sure to work closely with you on options that will support you in the years to come.

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Spending money on new premises or buildings simply isn’t worth it.  Why do that when you can rethink how you run your current office, factory floor or warehouse?  It surely makes sense to keep things ticking over in the space you and your team are accustomed to.

QA offers office space and workplace design contractor services you can rely on.  With over 25 years in the commercial and industrial redesign trades, we understand how to take an existing work space and to make it more efficient for years to come.  As a business, you should always be looking forward.  You should always be thinking about growth and progression.  How are you going to do that if your work space won’t support you at the same time?  It’s time to think outside of the box, to use a cliché.


That all depends on what you need, and when you need it!  Offices, warehouses and factory floors don’t all follow the same patterns.  Some, naturally, will be larger than others.  Therefore, you will need to contact our team for a free bespoke quote. We run a custom quotation system to offer our customers the best possible value.  By paying out for flat fees and rates, you will run the risk of paying more than you need to.

When you first call or email QA, we will set up a free consultation with you.  We will ask for a few details about your ideal work space, and will then build you a quote based on the materials, tools and labour you require.  To help keep things fair and above board, you will see how much you are paying for, and why, before any work begins – and certainly before you clear any payments with us.

QA’s approach to affordable workplace design puts you in the driving seat.  We understand that you will likely be looking for the best possible deal on a wealth of workplace and work space standards.  We’ll save you money, time and effort when it comes to extending your premises, and to making the most of what you already have available.



If you know you want to achieve the best commercial space for your business but are unsure where to start, make a point of getting in touch with QA.  Our team’s decades of experience lends well to understanding what our clients are really looking for from their ideal commercial and industrial designs.

We understand that no two work spaces are ever going to be the same.  What’s more, you are going to need your office, your working floor or your storage to be flexible to your needs.  That’s not only from day to day, but in terms of years to come.  Why struggle with an office or working space which simply isn’t working for you in return?

Trust a local team of workplace design experts with years of experience and a fantastic eye for detail.  Let us help you to bring that perfect, unique working space to life.  Call us now for a free quote, or book online with us as soon as is convenient for you.

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