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Mezzanines are a very flexible solution for your space, as you can remove it with ease if you no longer need the space, especially freestanding structural mezzanine systems. These are extremely useful when you need flexibility for your business. Freestanding structural mezzanine systems are multi-functional and adaptable, and therefore can be used in various commercial mezzanine projects for warehouses and offices.

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Effective use of proper mezzanine structure and design can help you to overcome issues around lack of commercial space, and helps increase growth of the business. Being a leading mezzanine contractor, we know the most important aspects of mezzanine platforms, and how to use them to give you the full potential of your commercial space. We are experts in mezzanine structure and design and access staircase design and its placement in mezzanine structure.

From mezzanine loading areas to mezzanine access staircase designs, our mezzanine specialists will help you build a bespoke mezzanine structure that can incorporate whatever you need for efficient use of space. Each of our design applications are bespoke and are created specifically with our customers’ needs in mind. We have been operating for almost 30 years, and have become trusted experts in our field, so QA is the place where you can get the best mezzanine quote, materials, techniques and service.

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Effective space utilization is a common concern among businesses as they grow and adapt. Businesses may also need mezzanine storage systems for inventory, materials or tools. Our skillful mezzanine contractors at QA will help you to understand how you can utilise your space with a mezzanine structure to get more out of the space you already have. A mezzanine structure allows for expansion without having to deal with the costs, stress and operational issues of moving premises.

Being a leading mezzanine supplier and distributor in the UK, our workers know every nuance of mezzanine construction, its installation and how one can use Mezzanine structures for gaining additional workspace for offices or adding storage space for retail and production purposes.

The main benefits of a mezzanine are the fact that you can maximise and utilise the overall space available in your building. If your business is starting to outgrow your existing unit, and if you would like more information on how to evolve your business space with our mezzanine design and installation services, contact us today on 01179533232

Pocket-friendly Mezzanine Prices

Mezzanines are space-creating, effective solutions for workplaces that need to expand. Practicality is not the only way mezzanines can be used. They can be stylish and contemporary, increasing the aesthetics of your place of work. Building a mezzanine structure gives you the opportunity to expand your storage space. You may be wondering about the cost to build a mezzanine and whether it’s worth investing in.

After years of experience, and working with a varied array of businesses, we know that building a mezzanine structure and making the best out of your space is more beneficial than acquiring new space altogether. This helps keep to the constraints of your budget and keeps the synergy of your business as you needn’t move to new premises. With mezzanine structures, you can utilise the ceiling space above your workspace area, creating a whole new floor.

If you are about to outgrow your existing space and are searching for “how much does it cost to build a mezzanine level” then QAnet is the place for you. After reviewing your space, we will quote you the best mezzanine price, that fits into your budget and is customisable to meet your requirements.

Comprehensive Mezzanine Structural Solution

Whatever you need from your mezzanine systems, our team will make sure they ask all the right questions, to ensure the perfect end product for you. Once we have completed your site survey and taken a detailed brief, your structure will be designed, taking every detail into account, from stairs and gate systems to safety equipment and edge protection, to guarantee your finished design meets all of your wants and needs. As trusted professionals, we also follow mezzanine building regulations thoroughly to assure both our and your safety.


When it comes to installation your dedicated project manager will take into account every aspect of your project to devise a programme that works around your day to day business operations, to ensure your workforce is disrupted as little as possible. Our mezzanine specialists, once on site, work quickly and efficiently to complete your job seamlessly. All structures are designed and installed to BS6399, BS5950, BS449 and the latest building regulations, as well as being SEMA and SETR approved.

QA is Bristol based, and their talented team have over 25 years of experience in providing bespoke space creating solutions for both commerce and industry. Whether you need a new way to store your products or need a completely new warehouse design, QA is here to help you. Our mission is to get your project right for your needs. By working together we can examine your space and apply our expertise to make your vision a reality. If you would like more information on our service please contact us today on 01179533232.

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