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There are many reasons why a low-cost office refurbishment is always worthwhile.  You may have been running an office or workspace for some years now and may have decided it is time to modernise.  You may have even bought an office space that has seen better days.  In any case, it is important to realise you don’t have to stick to the same old designs and looks.  In fact, you can hire a local team of experts to oversee affordable commercial refurbishment for you.

QA is a local and leading name in commercial office refurbishment.  Whether you are in need of new storage, new aesthetics, or just want to extend the usefulness of your existing floor, we are here to help.  But why else should you consider hiring QA as your local office refurbishment contractors?


Commercial office refurbishment specialists are ready to help bring your workspace into the modern era.  The fact is, no matter which clients or customers you appeal to, there is always going to be a need to offer a great first impression.  If you want to appear professional, capable and trustworthy, it makes sense to set up an office space which is pleasing on the eye, and always functional in every purpose.

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We are one of many Bristol office refurbishment companies working in the area.  However, the difference with QA lies in the details.  We understand that effective office refurbishment is based on functionality and style.  Some companies may simply offer you a fresh lick of paint or a new set of furniture!  We ensure to revamp and revitalise your space in the ways which will directly benefit you for years to come.

Modern office refurbishment is a great idea if you find that your space is no longer serving your purposes.  All businesses need to grow.  Unfortunately, in some cases, businesses can outgrow their offices and working spaces.  Rather than move elsewhere, which can be a lot of money and hassle, it makes sense to refresh and re-imagine the space you are in.  QA can help you take control of this!


The best office refurbishment contractors will look at ways in which you can make the most of your space for years to come.  Where do you see your business heading in the next few years?  Office space and aesthetics can impact on morale and productivity in a very big way.  Therefore, a full workplace refurbishment is not just a great idea for aesthetics and practicality, but also for keeping your team happy and motivated.  Isn’t that something you should always be looking to promote?

QA has more than 25 years of experience in helping to refurbish even the smallest and most complex of office designs.  We understand that our customers are looking for fresh new ideas when it comes to harnessing the power of productivity.  It could be as simple as adding in a few glass partitions to open up your space, to break down a few desks to opt for an open-plan look, or it could be a case of completely rethinking how you layout your floor.

No office spaces are perfect right away.  That’s why it takes time to understand what you are looking for from the perfect work space.  Here at QA, we have more than enough experience and expertise to help you realise your ideal look and fit.


Office refurbishment isn’t something that is easy to price up on its own.  Each project is likely to be very different.  That’s because you may need specific materials, labour needs and timescales.  Therefore, QA always encourages customers to call and request a free quote for their own bespoke refurbishment projects.  This way, you will always know that you are paying low rates for the best quality services.

QA focuses on delivering fantastic value to all our customers.  We believe that your office refurbishment shouldn’t just be affordable, it should be outstanding.  There are some local office refurbishment contractors in Bristol who will charge you cheap rates for cheap services.  That’s not our style.  We work hard to deliver fantastic quality services and project support at prices you can feasibly afford.  We will never compromise on the standards of care and support you receive.



Is your office in need of full refurbishment?  Want to know more about how to bring your office floor into the modern age?  It’s time to focus on a design which is going to grow with you for years to come.

Call QA now for a free quote on office refurbishments, enhancements and more.  You never know what you could do with your office space until you try.  Call now for a leading price.

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