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Need of Mezzanine Office Structures

Are you running out of space in your office? Are you expanding your operation, but don’t want the hassle of moving to a whole new space? A fantastic alternative to moving premises may be a mezzanine in your office. A modern mezzanine office with a well designed mezzanine floor structure could help to take the strain off the ground floor and could even help you welcome more personnel into your business.

When you first invest in an office space, there’s no predicting how your business’ need for space may grow. That’s why so many businesses trust us for their office mezzanine designs and structures. Our mezzanine contractors will help add more space and floor to your operation, so that you and your employees don’t have to feel crowded, and you don’t have to move your business to a larger space.

It’s time to start thinking about setting up an office mezzanine that works perfectly to fulfill your needs. Your ideal modern office mezzanine structure should grow and adapt with you as the years go by. Set up a mezzanine floor, and you can use a mezzanine for storage, extra seating, more computers – the choice is yours.

Efficient Use of office Mezzanine Floors

It might seem at first that a mezzanine office structure and design isn’t necessary to your business. Mezzanines are more than just interior design solutions! Our office mezzanine floor designs are fantastic at helping to extend the reach of even the smallest of businesses. Instead of having to squeeze more people and more machines into a tiny space, you can open things up with a modern, extensive mezzanine floor that’s easy to access at all times, and can help your business develop and adapt in the future.

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Mezzanine floor structure in office space can also be a great place to store some of your most essential materials or equipment. Want to keep your working space on the ground floor? No problem. You might solely use an office mezzanine floor for storage and filing. In which case, you can divide up your premises as you see fit. The beauty of working with QA is that we individually tailor each office mezzanine floor to fully suit your needs and requirements for it. Maybe you want a modern office mezzanine design, or maybe just need some excess storage. Give us a call today to discuss your office mezzanine design.

Commercial Office Mezzanine Solution

With over 25 years of industry experience, QA has been helping various commercial businesses to build new office mezzanine floors and levels. We’ve also had hands-on experience in designing and installing mezzanine floors of industrial offices and warehouse offices. Because of our trusted and esteemed reputation many firms turn to us when they need help extending their operations.

The difference with QA is in our approach. We want to sit down and carefully consider everything you need from a mezzanine office. We want to make sure that you benefit from an office floor that gives you great value for money, while incorporating all of your needs to help your business thrive. If someone wishes to build a mezzanine office in a warehouse then we can use office mezzanine floors effectively to make the best use of your space. We can also build office mezzanine floors such a way that the mezzanine office can be used for various purposes like meeting, conferencing, catering or staff break or as a control room. Hence, office mezzanine floors can be a time and cost saving way to get the space you need.

We specialise in low cost office mezzanine design; all while focusing on making sure you receive the best quality of care. QA never compromises on our customers’ needs and wants. We are leading industry experts, who offer design expertise to make sure that even the largest or most complex office mezzanine designs can be brought to life.

Our team wants to get to know your business, so that we can tailor a plan for you for years to come. Let’s future proof your space and ensure that you can grow and adapt for years to come.

Best Price for Office Mezzanine Structures

The cost of an office mezzanine can vary. This is because various factors, including size, materials, expertise, and installation time need to be incorporated into the cost as well as what specifically you are looking for. Instead of listing all of our prices online, we encourage our customers to contact us directly for a quote. This means that we will always build you a custom rate that directly benefits your needs as well as your budget, and helps us meet your specific requirements for an office mezzanine floor.


We want to make sure that you are never paying too much for your office mezzanine. We set low cost rates, and never add in hidden fees and costs, so you know that QA is a name you can trust. We actively show you everything you pay for upfront before we get started, and include you throughout the whole process, so you’re never left in the dark. Our office mezzanine floorings allow businesses to use the vertical spaces in their premises, both saving and creating space. This helps businesses grow without the cost and hassle of extending your current property, or relocating to a new one. Our office mezzanine floors reduce costs by using ceiling spaces more effectively, and creating you more space without having to relocate.

You may be wondering, “how much does an office mezzanine cost?” and may be worried about the budget. QA makes sure to liaise with you every step of the way, and set you up with a deal that suits all your needs, your budget and the plans for the future of your business. Get in touch today and we will provide you with a quick quote.


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