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Are you running out of space in your office?  Are you expanding your operation, but don’t want to spend money and hassle buying a whole new space?  We really can’t blame you.  That’s where a fantastic office mezzanine design could be really helpful to you.  A modern office mezzanine floor could help to take the strain off the ground floor and could even help you welcome more personnel into your business.

When you first invest in an office space, there’s no telling where you may go for it.  If you have designs on expanding your office and your operation in the years to come, it makes sense to invest in a large space.  However, this is sometimes hard to plan for!  That’s why so many businesses opt for mezzanine floor installations.  They can help add more space and floor to your operation, so that you don’t have to feel crowded, or that you need to invest in a whole other space.


It might seem at first that an office mezzanine isn’t that necessary to your business.  However, mezzanine floors are more than just home interior design solutions!  QA’s leading office mezzanines are fantastic at helping to extend the reach of even the smallest of businesses.  Instead of having to squeeze more people and more machines into a tiny space, you can open things up with a modern, extensive mezzanine floor that’s easy to access at all times.

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An office mezzanine space is a great place to store some of your most essential equipment.  Want to keep your working space on the ground floor?  No problem.  You might solely use an office mezzanine for storage and filing.  In which case, you can divide up your premises as you see fit.  Who are we to tell you how to use your mezzanine?

However, it is a good idea to think carefully about your mezzanine and spatial requirements.  Do you know what you are looking for from a modern office mezzanine design?  Let us know.


QA is a specialist mezzanine company based in Bristol.  We’ve been helping offices and commercial businesses build new floors and levels for over 25 years.  Therefore, many firms and brands turn to us when they need help extending their operations.

The difference with QA is in our approach.  We want to sit down and carefully consider everything you need from an office mezzanine.  What are you looking for in terms of extra space?  What will an office mezzanine installation bring to your business?

We want to make sure that you benefit from an office floor that gives you great value for money.  We specialise in low cost office mezzanine design; however, we also want to make sure you receive the best quality care.  Therefore, QA never compromises.  We work with leading tools and offer design expertise to make sure that even the largest or most complex office mezzanine designs can be brought to life.

Our team wants to get to know your business!  Your office mezzanine floor is going to need to weather years to come.  Therefore, let’s plan for the future.  Let’s futureproof your space and ensure that you can safely grow in the coming months and years.


The cost of an office mezzanine can vary.  That’s because you need to take into account size, materials, expertise, time required for installation and more.  Therefore, instead of listing all of our prices online, we encourage our customers to contact us directly for a quote.  This means that we will always build you a custom rate that directly benefits your needs as well as your budget.

We want to make sure that you are never paying too much for your office mezzanine.  By this, we mean that we not only set low cost rates, but that we avoid adding in hidden fees and costs.  We actively show you everything you pay for upfront before we get started.  This way, you’re never left in the dark.

Don’t worry about how much an office mezzanine costs.  We’ll make sure to line you up with a deal that suits your needs, your budgets and the future of your business.  Simple!



It’s time to start thinking about setting up that perfect office mezzanine.  Your ideal modern office mezzanine structure is likely to grow with you as the years go by.  Why squeeze yourself into a tiny space?  Set up an extra floor and you can use a mezzanine for storage, extra seating, more computers – the choice is yours.

It all starts with a quick call or email to our team.  Get in touch today and we will offer you a free quote at your convenience.  There’s no obligation – but let us show you how much of a difference we could make.


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