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The modern office and workplace is a different beast to what it once was.  Office partition design from just 20 years ago is now seen as clunky or obstructive.  It’s not hard to see why.  Offices all over the UK still make use of inefficient, choking cubicle walls and partition systems.  These not only help to clog up your space but can really impact negatively on morale and free movement.  That is one of many reasons why modern office partitions are easier to move, manage and install.

QA is a leading name in workplace design.  We specialise in commercial mezzanines, fit outs, partition systems and more.  We offer affordable glazed office partitions for maximum visibility and transparency.  We support our clients and customers with an office room partition system that doesn’t crowd or condense a space.  In the modern age, we are all focusing more and more on opening up our space and going open-plan.  Therefore, it may be time to reconsider your own office partitions, and how you might want to adapt them to a more modern, flexible audience.


Office space partitions are necessary facets in most workplaces.  They can be used to cordon off meeting rooms and private spaces.  They can be set up to create individual working zones ad-hoc.  Portable office partitions, for example, are endlessly useful.  They are great assets in spaces where you may not otherwise be able to create much privacy or division.

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However, division can be seen as a bad word in modern office design.  There is always going to be the need for you to create private rooms and meeting zones.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use partitions which block up spaces and areas to uninspiring effect.

QA will help you find the best modern office partitions for your needs.  Are you looking for a modular office partition system that you can easily move and transform from job to job?  Perhaps you find the idea of affordable glass partitions to be particularly appealing.  No matter your needs and no matter how you’d like your office to look in the long term, we will make sure to set up a plan of action with you which fits your budget as well as your growth potential.


The pressure to go with an open-plan office design in the modern age is fairly strong.  However, there may be times where you still need to create your own spaces away from the main floor.  This is understandable.

Therefore, QA designs, creates and installs modern, flexible office partitioning systems which you can adapt and use to your own ends throughout your working day.  Office partition systems come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials.  For example, the best office partition installation for you could be one which is built in glass for maximum transparency.  You could choose modular partitions on wheels, which you can freely move from one area to the next.

Crucially, you should look for low cost office space partitions which fit your needs as well as your budget.  The days of simply choosing any old partition system to fit basic needs are over.  You need to think about your potential and your future growth, and QA is on hand to help you realise this, and more.


Glass office partitions are some of the most popular partition systems we supply.  However, you’d be surprised at how affordable they can be.  Glass is a material which is endlessly flexible as well as remarkably cost-effective, both at the point of sale and in the long run.  Therefore, we will always be happy to offer you a free quote for a leading glass partition you can rely on.

Ultimately, we will give you complete transparency in terms of costs.  QA understands that clients and customers will be working to strict budgets.  Therefore, we want to ensure that you receive an upfront, transparent quote when you first contact us.  You will be able to see how much your office partitions are going to cost you, and what’s more, there is never any obligation for you to proceed.  We want to be flexible to your needs – as much as possible.



Rather than offering flat prices on office partition design near me, QA works hard to offer bespoke quotes on all installations and design services.  You will only ever pay for the partition design and services you need.  Therefore, it makes sense to contact our team as soon as possible for the perfect, bespoke pricing.

Contact us now either with full details through our web form or by calling our helpline directly.  We’ll be sure to set you up with an affordable, reliable office partition installation.

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