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Mezzanine Floor Company

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Mezzanine Floor Company – QA

Mezzanine floors are an excellent option if you are considering re-designing or expanding your work space or offices. Our range consists of many aesthetic designs that are fit for multiple uses. Our company offers tailored services that are made to the client’s specification and project. Once we survey the area we can offer competitive quotes that will challenge any other company in the South West. With our knowledge and experience you can to trust us with designing and completing your mezzanine flooring in a prompt and efficient manner.

QA Mezzanine Flooring division are experts in the design and installation of mezzanine floors. Based in Bristol, with offices in Cardiff and Reading we can install mezzanine floors throughout Southern UK. For more information please visit ‘mezzanine floor company‘.

Our mezzanine floors can be used for increased space, increased office room, a second floor for a retail store or for more storage space. Whatever your intended uses we can assure you that we will deliver a swift and stress-free build. We guarantee our floors are more competitively priced than anyone else, but don’t take that as a reflection on the product. We use computerised systems that guarantee precision production and installation and experienced technicians to ensure a fast and cost effective installation.

Office MezzanineWe will manage the whole project, we can install an incredibly flexible system which can be bespoke to your space, to best fit your workspace and requirements. We assure our clients of a custom fit design that both parties will be proud of.

Purchasing our mezzanine floors often provides companies with massive savings as the major expense and headache of relocation can be monumental. As our floors are installed within the existing footprint of the building or room, we can literally double your work floor, which increases the amount of workable and profitable space you have. Our mezzanine floors can be altered, extended and if necessary rebuilt as your environment changes.

Our expert installation teams can provide swift and immediate service depending on your intended time frame, we will assure adherence to your timeframe, as we know the importance of deadlines within a construction project. The installation of our mezzanine systems, by our team of technicians, can be a painless and prompt process. We understand the interference of “downtime” within your business, which is why we aim to finalise our brief within or under the time frame set to minimise any business downtime you may encounter.

We comprehend the importance of safety within a construction project. From our materials to our technicians, we only use the best for your project. We select our resources from trusted manufacturers, which uphold every British standard set by the appropriate associations. We don’t take shortcuts as we take pride in our products, and wouldn’t standby by them if we did not believe in them.

An overall benefit to our mezzanine floors is that we can achieve what others cannot. We can provide for any sized project regardless of logistical hindrances. Once we have established a foundation of what you want to achieve we can resolve and complete any task you wish. Our experience provides speed and knowledge in these operations, which helps us deliver affordable quotes on your project.

If your thinking of transforming your work space into valuable, workable and profitable workspace using mezzanine floors – think QA Workspace. For a free, no commitment quotation and/or on-site survey please contact us at our Bristol head office on 01179 533 232 or visit

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