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Installing a Mezzanine Floor

October 13, 2015 7:15 am Published by Comments Off on Installing a Mezzanine Floor

The Benefits Of Installing a Mezzanine Floor to Your Bottom Line

Mezzanine Flooring Company Bristol – What is Mezzanine Floor?

In the business world, it is all about the bottom line. Business owners and operators are ultimately concerned with making money at the end of the business day. In the pursuit of this, it is important that the actual building that houses the company or business is fully functional, meeting all of the various needs of the business at hand. Without proper function, efficiency and productivity is low and therefore the bottom line is negatively affected.

QA Workspace are a mezzanine flooring company based in Bristol, with offices in Reading and Cardiff. We design and install mezzanine floors throughout the UK.

One of the many things that can help a business maximise efficiency is fully utilising the building space already available. Mezzanine flooring is a definite plus in this area. Mezzanine floors, sometimes referred to as lofts, are those floors that are suspended between the roof and the ground floor of buildings. These floors provide additional space for numerous things and are accessible via staircases or lifts. The building can gain double the space if mezzanine floors are in use.

In its general form, mezzanine floor is about making the most of office space. Several commercial premises have excessive, unused headroom which is unproductive and expensive to heat or cool. Warehouses are tall, and most of the space above the warehouse floor is generally wasted space which could be put to use. Installing a mezzanine floor can allow to have more storage space above the existing warehouse, or can allow to have offices upstairs and storage space downstairs, or even production space downstairs with storage space upstairs.

A mezzanine floor will transform wasted head space into useful office space. With office space at a premium business will also save money by installing a mezzanine floor compared to relocating to a larger building. Expanding existing premises considerably within its own foot print, at minimal disruption to business, mezzanine floors can at least double office space. If the business has long headroom, it could even means tripling the office by installing double mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine Flooring Company Bristol – Why Mezzanine floor?

In the current economic climate, moving premises is a risky business. As the economy continues to flat line, with growth being minimal and a triple dip recession only narrowly avoided, many businesses are treading very cautiously. Moving to larger premises at a time of such uncertainty is a risk that few businesses can afford to take. At the same time, it is vitally important to allow business to grow if the opportunity is there. With very little growth around in the economy, if business is growing well then one needs to have the facilities to accommodate that growth and take full advantage of it. Essentially, one needs more space without the risk of moving to larger premises. That is where using mezzanine floors come in.

Mezzanine Flooring Company Bristol  – Things to know about mezzanine floor

For many businesses, space is incredibly valuable. Many of us need more of it, yet we don’t want to take the step of moving to bigger premises in times of economic uncertainty. Therefore, the logical alternative is to utilise the space we already have in the best way possible. Different businesses have different operational needs and there is no ‘one size fits all’. However mezzanine floors are versatile and can be installed for automation, warehouse, production office, and storage and retail environments.

When business runs out of space, mezzanine floors are cheaper alternatives to maximise the space that is already available than relocating to new premise that is costly and time consuming. Installation is quick and in most cases businesses can quickly adapt to meet new challenges that they might face.

Mezzanine floor can help to improve operations by giving more space to manoeuvre which means improving operational efficiency. Mezzanine floors are also sought as strategy to increase productivity, motivate staff and create a long lasting impression with customers and prospects. Apart from putting off customers, it is unrealistic to expect employees to perform to the best of their abilities while working in a messy and cluttered workspace.

To discover the huge benefits that may be available to your business please contact QA a Mezzanine Flooring Company based in Bristol or call 0117 953 3232

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